Weekly Craft and Game Nights

Our events are about hanging out with friends and revisiting the games we loved as kids in a cool-adult kind of way!

We tend to romanticize our youth by thinking of the fun we used to have - hanging out with friends, getting loud, and being encouraged to get creative.  However, we also tend to forget that we also had curfews, dorky sweaters, and a limited supply of juice boxes.  

Our goal at LolaSue is to bring out the best parts of being a kid with the cooler parts of being an adult.  Through a variety of craft events and classic game nights, we celebrate the best part of who you were and who you are.  

Whether you're a group of friends looking for something new to do, a budding romance looking for a casual setting to get to know each other, or someone who just needs to get out of the house for  a couple of hours - LolaSue will deliver.

So, come out and join us to raise a glass to an evening with friends, music, and crafts.


This event will allow you to play with your creative side and unleash your imagination, all while sipping a cocktail and chatting with friends.

At these events you'll join us at a loft style bar, get a craft to make, and have  a host guiding you step by step on how to put it together.


These types of events are a fun night out where the inner child in you gets to play a game and the adult in you gets to have a drink.

At these events you'll join us at a loft style bar to play games with the chance to win prizes!


LolaSue's Speed Bingo @ Folly Brewpub

When: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 

When: 7:00pm to 9:30pm 

(game starts at 7:30pm SHARP)  

Where: Folly Brewpub, 928 College St

$10 - $15


Want to have a craft or games night  come to you?!  See how we can help!


Want an extra and unique element at your office party?  Whether planning an upcoming corporate team building event or holiday party, we'll organize and execute a professional, original, and fun affair.  


Are you coming out to a LolaSue event for a birthday party, bridal shower, coming out party, divorce party, or any other event worth celebrating? See how we can make this public event a little bit more about YOU!