Cocktails & Crafts

What This Night's About!

This style of event allows you to play with your creative side and unleash your imagination all while sipping a cocktail (or some juice without the gin) and chatting with friends.  Whether your creations look like they belong on Etsy or like something only a mother could love, this night will be sure to keep you entertained.

At these events you'll get all the necessary materials needed to make your work of art, along with a host guiding you step by step on how to put it together.  Check out the list below and see what LolaSue has in store for you!

DIY Something Pink

If you're a pink enthusiast, these birds are a fun way to bring that splash of colour in a kitschy way.  

DIY Something Green

Come out and make your own rock cactus (yes, a rock painted as a cactus!) and never feel guilty for wilted foliage again!  


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